Well we finally got the house back. But, I think the numbers aren't right. I don't believe there is such thing as fake news. Might be inaccurate at some point do to how fast they want to report the news in order to stay on top of other competitors. But, not fake. The only thing that seams to be fake to me is voting. I just find it so hard to believe that we can't get both house and senate in this unstable climate when there were record numbers indicating a blue wave. I've always believed deep inside me that voting was just a reporting system to know where you live and with how many people you live and such. Maybe also go as far as to know a bit of your personality by looking at your voting style. Why do I think that you might ask. Simple. We all know the people that voted for Trump will never vote Obama and vise a versa right? So, when Obama ran for president for 8 years in a roll republicans could not do a dam thing about it. A time when whites were a bigger majority than now. So how come trump followers seam to dominating so much now without an effort and they couldn't do a dam thing with Obama? The blue wave was real. The polls never lied. The problem is that we are not the ones in control. They always blame it on the electeral vote. But, I think that system is only there to confuse us. Cause I can't think of any other country that doesn't follow the majority vote. I call bull shit on the American voting system.





    Voting day!!!! VOTE BLUE!!! Anyway, Still working on WWII part 2, the instrumental version. You'll understand it all later when it's all done. Anyway, there are a lot of new movements in my composition that requires a lot of practice and I am almost done. I always try to keep my stuff fresh. I don't like to repeat techniques and when you do that you have to get your hands ready for the new techniques. Also I'm working on three new videos. That's why I haven't posted anything lately. Anyway, that's it.....GO VOTE PLEASE!!!!





    Hey check it out! one of my songs made it to the most metal trending songs in reverbnation. Go check it out https://www.reverbnation.com/scm/2525-trending-metal-music?slot_id=9184





    I did Enjoy The Silence cover back in 2007 I believe. Long time ago even before I started recording OldSchool. I was testing my guitar sound, choosing my amp sound. Anyway, I did it as a demo and I always said to my self I was going to go back to it when I was done with oldschool. But, I didn't want to have it up in my profile as a demo anymore so I went back and finished it. It is miles away from what it was. Much better now. The guitars were equalized different, The rhythm guitars were to loud stepping on the synths and solos. I also had to do all the acoustics and solo from scratch. The acoustics were buzzing a little bit and the solo was completely improvised at first and I want it to improve on it. So now you will be able to hear everything even better and I managed to squeeze more volume out of the master. I'm just glad I am done and I am very happy with it. Enjoy it





    If you see a (not finished) next to a song or piece it means that there are going to be some minor changes later one when I'm done recording the album. No big deal. They are up in the mean time, cause I rather have you enjoy them while I'm finishing the other ones.





    A lot of people ask me if my daughter plays guitar or if she's taking lessons and I can honestly tell you that she's not. She LOVES music in general. She listens to everything I listen to and more. But, I'm not like those parents that force their kids to play just cause they play. I always tell her that when ever she wants to learn I'm here. In the mean time all I care about is her doing great in school and she is. Honor roll all the time. Very smart. I'll support what ever she wants to do. Anyway, is not like there's a future in metal. It's not what it use to be and I don't think it'll ever recover. So I am not interested in seeing my little girl getting into metal or music in general. Not how the music industry is today. There are better things she can do and she knows it.





    Finally I got my guitar done. Soon I'll have a video and some new pictures in reverbnation of the guitar. It was not easy to paint the Cuban flag on it. But, my wife did an amazing job. Then I had to replace the old pickups for the same model but new generation and they sound more clear and louder. I am impressed with the entire thing. On Monday I'll be back in the studio recording a song that's been put on hold for that guitar.





    At the moment I am waiting on pickups kiesel sent me. I can't do anything without those pickups and I need that guitar for the solo I am recording for the song I am working on right now. I am also sitting on 3 videos I am working on at the moment. I am making a music video for Lost in my own mind which has a lot of editing. I am also working on the next the making of oldschool video with more extras and finally I am working on revolution is her name video. It's about the new painting on one of my guitars. I don't make many videos cause I ain't a YouTube guy. Music is my priority. But, when I make a video I try my best to make it interesting and professional. Takes time, a lot of money buying very expensive cameras and equipment and a lot of knowing how to do everything. So bare with me here. I am almost done. Also new song will be up soon. I am only one guy making everything and I am also a dad and I try to be the best husband I can be. I took my family in a nice vacation and that also cut down the time I had to work on everything I have right now.





    Finally working on a piece right now that I am actually very exited about. WWII Part 2. It's going to be instrumental. Part 1 will be with singing of course. But, I am exited cause I am starting to record now the songs and pieces that are actually going to give the depth OldSchool needs. Also that I love instrumental music. To be honest it is my favorite kind and I enjoy recording it even more. It's more challenging than none instrumental ones. It pushes your technique and writing ability to the limits. I love that. Anyway, I will post it as soon as it's all done.





    Enjoy The Silence is finally up. Had to redo the solo and vocals to give it a much more updated feel. I hope you all like it. You can download it for free or feel free to give any donations to support my art. Thank you!





    Well, today I just finished fixing the vocals for "Enjoy The Silence". The demo I had up for a long time is good. Nothing wrong with it. But, since this song was recorded long before I started working on oldschool a lot of guitar EQing and microphone settings have changed. If I would've left it how it was it would've sounded different from the other songs in the record. So I did the entire vocal work with my new carvin mic and added a bunch of newer effects to the solos and guitars in general. The overall sound is not going to be affected much. You wont notice a difference. Even the ending is the same. All automated parameters were never changed so you'll still have the same feel. But, if you sit them next to each other you'll notice the one I have now is much more up to date. To me it sounds much better. I know you'll like it. Anyway, just wanted to keep everyone that follows me and supports what I do up to date in what's going on musically with me. It'll probably be posted after tomorrow. Keep your eyes open.



update: 2/5/2018.


    I've decided I'm also going to replace the main solo. It sounds too raw and it needs to be warmer. A normal tube amp will do this naturally, but not a solid state. If you want to achieve warm sounding solos with a solid state amp you need to add a soft pre-distortion compression. Doesn't make the solid state any lesser than the tube amp. On the contrary. With solid state you can have both worlds when ever you want. So that's what I'm going to be working on. I am going to take the demo off reverbnation, soundcloud and bandcamp. I will post the new version as soon as it's done. I'll let you all know.





    Happy New Years To Everyone!!! Just keeping you all up to date. I uploaded Last, a cover from NIN that's going to be in OldSchool. Didn't mention anything about it cause I wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with it after listening to it in my car and other stereo systems. In other words I wanted to listen to it out side the studio to get a true feel of it. Cause in the studio since everything is professional everything sounds amazing no matter what lol. Anyway, I am very happy with it. Enjoy it! I hope you all like it too. Now On to the next one which is finish the cover from Depeche Mode, Enjoy The Silence. It is time to make it from a demo into a final track. After that I have to do six more and the record will be officially released.





    Had to stop recording Last, a cover from NIN, to finish some of the demos I had up like "Western Anger" or "Lost In My Own Mind". I am almost done. But, soon I'll have everything I am working on up and running. I normally upload the album when its all done. But, I don't want you to wait that long. Only sacrifice with that is that I replace the songs sometimes when I feel I should fix something in them after listening to them for a while. But, If a song doesn't say (demo) next to them it means they are 100% done. The only song that's going to stay a demo till I finish the record is "Enjoy The Silence". I'll fix that one when I'm all done, cause I actually started recording that one before I started recording the album. So I have to change a lot of things, like vocals, and solos. That song will be 100% much better when I am done with it now that I even have the proper microphone and all.





    wow, It has been a long time since the last time I've given an update. Anyway, we all went thru Irma just find. Didn't even missed a shingle from the roof. Im glad the house was built to withstand a cat 4 hurricane. No wonder houses in homestead cost way the heck more than any other places. This houses are built like a tank. Well, I'm thankful nothing happened so I started recording the minute I got electricity which was a few hours after the hurricane. We were so lucky that everything went so smooth for us. Sadly not a lot of people can say the same. It's just sad that so many people died in key largo. I saw the bodies and it was around the thousands. There was a couple that died together hugging each other. I'll never forget that. Hurricanes are a serious matter. One second you are in your home with your love ones and in a blink of an eye your roof gets ripped off and your running to save anyone you can with a wind speed of 150 to 200 mph. Let me tell you I was outside after the hurricane passed and the winds were still so strong that will tumble you to the ground. So I can imagine, ones your house goes in the middle of an hurricane there is nothing you can do. The hurricane is so powerful and big that you are insignificant. I don't worship any god but I do believe there is a force out there in the universe we call god. Having said that, god bless everyone that died....you did not deserve that.





    I had plans to be recording "Last" from NIN, a cover I'm working on for OldSchool. But, Irma is coming so I had to stop to get ready. No worries, My house is hurricane ready. When you live in homestead for as long as I have you know you can't wait for the last moment. I always keep a full huge plastic tank full of gas. I got a generator powerful enough to use everything in my home. Best of all I have a water well. I'm telling you, we are as ready as can be. Not to mention that we are not in a flooded area. So I will be back recording soon, hopefully. I did my part.





    Just finished uploading "Picasso Trigger". Its a cover I did from the industrial band Skrew. I converted it to metal with a much more simpler approach and production. Very happy with it and I hope you all like it. Remember you can always download the covers I do for free. So head over to my reverbnation or bandcamp to download it and remember to leave me a comment.





    Finished fixing the song and it came out amazing. much better than before. Just finished uploading it a minute ago to all my profiles. I hope you all like it.





    I took my new song out to be fixed. I noticed that I had the wrong effect on some tracks and also that the bass volume wasn't correct. It will be done very soon. Again sorry for that. I am so picky I can't let that slide and anyway you deserve the best and the best you will get.





    Just posted a new song called "Lost in my own Mind" I hope you guys like it. I tried to keep everything very simple including the production. Only effects I used for the vocals were reverb and a slight phaser. For the guitars I just used reverb. Never done anything like this with soft singing then hard. It was for sure a bit of a challenge to get everything done. Even though, when you put it in paper chord progression and all seams easy. But executing it wasn't that easy. Not to mention that the mastering was a pain, cause in this song it was impossible to listen for the popping noises you get when you distort. It would always sound good even when I knew for a fact that I was way pass 0dB. So I had to use Sonar to find out how loud I was and get it in the ballpark where the rest of the other song were, peaking at 0.4dB. But, everything worked out in the end and I am very happy with it.





    I will be closing vimeo at the end of this year when my last payment is over. I moved to vidme instead. They allow me to upload 20GB per upload and that is much better than paying 59.99 for vimeo to get only 5GB upload per week. I also noticed that vidme's quality is far superior to vimeo. Anyway, I already have the channel verified and with all the videos uploaded already. I also like something I noticed the day after I made the account. The channels in vidme has a way for you to give someone a tip if you feel like supporting that artist. That is a nice feature. So how about it?





    I just updated the banners of all of my music profiles to let you all know that I am closer to finishing OldSchool and it will all be out soon!





    I just finished updating the website. I wanted to give it a more industrial clean look this time around. I hope you all find it easy to navigate. Back to working on my music.





    Going to be working on the new website soon. I'm going to go with a much simpler yet personal  look. Also I'm still trying to finish oldschool. Lot of things on my plate right now. Just wanted to let my followers know. Oh and a marry Christmas and happy new years in advance.





    Today I removed all the old videos of the making of m.A.d and Theory of Life from public communities. Although they are still up in my own website. If you are a true fan you can still watch it here.The thing is that I never recorded those video for people to see. I only recorded them to never forget the fingering of my compositions since I do not write my music on paper, that's to slow. Anyway those videos aren't even HD enough for most people to enjoy them. I never thought in a million years that a place like YouTube would even exist today. If not I would've done a better job lol. In the end what matters is the music.





    Im BACK BABY! I closed the site for a while thinking I won't need it. But, there are things I can do in this site that I can't do anywhere else. For example my videos, I can give them to you at 100% quality. That is something I can't do in vimeo even if I pay them. So for the next few days I'll be working on the site a bit. Update it a bit. Anyway, I am still working on new music. It's been a while cause I haven't upload any material to reverbnation for a while. I wanted to hold them till everything is done. But, I will release something soon. Well, see you soon.





    Wow, It's been a struggle trying to finish this new song I am working on. Since I am singing on it I not only have to take care of my playing but have to work on my vocals and guess what?...Since I started working on it I've been in and out of horrible colds. But, this last time I got a very bad case of bronchitis. I lost more than 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks. But, I am happy to say that it is all over now and I can go back to finishing my song and also go back to the work force lol. Just wanted to give a little update. Soon I'll be uploading the new song as soon as I'm done with the solo. Also the new video of the making of OldSchool will be up right after that.


    Also, I just uploaded a new video to vimeo about my humble studio or media room. Not a big deal just something I always wanted to do. To show you don't need much to create great art, just your talent.





    The site is finally back up and running very smooth. I am loving this new webhost.





    I always update my website every year and this year is no different. The only difference this year is that I am moving away from godaddy to webhostinghub dot com. They have better speeds and prices. Anyway, the website is going to be down for a few days do to the transferring.





    I just finished uploading my latest video, The making of OldSchool. I hope you all you enjoy it.





    At the moment I am working on OldSchool and I am also making videos of the entire making of it. I will also be uploading Guitar lessons from the most basic techniques to the very complex ones. All for free don't worry. I will try my best to make it as fun as possible





    Theory of Life Demos ready

    This is a Rock album my friend and I started recording a long time ago. Ted Kellepourey will be the singer of this record. But, since he hasn't finish yet I decided to kind of give you a clue of what this is going to sound like. The only difference is that Ted's voice is much better than mine. He will do a much better job. I can't wait till this is really done.


    I just finished uploading my new music video to YouTube. At this point I only wanted something simple that took place in my studio. The piece is called Rock it Out of Your System. It's a positive piece, nothing negative about it. To me it means when ever you have thoughts that keep you down or problems that make you sad just get it out of your system and move on. They are not worth thinking about them. That's why the piece has such an up beat sound. Which I got to say is very rare for someone like me since I am always making such aggressive music lol. Anyway, later on I will be working on more videos, till then.




    Just finished uploading the new one Assassins of Freedom from OldSchool. I hope you all like. I understand this one is not for everyone lol. Specially not for religious people. But, believe me when I tell you that I tried my best to be as respectful as I could while being honest about what I consider to be the truth behind all religions. Also this song might be re-uploaded again as the album gets near to the end. Sometimes in the middle of the process I might decide to go with a different kind of mastering or what not. The thing is that when you record an album what works for one song might not work for another. That's why I dont have them with the downloading feature enabled. I will turn it on once the entire thing is done.






    WHAT A DAY TODAY!!!! I woke up to the sound of the UPS knocking on my door. YES! I GOT MY CUSTOM CARVIN GUITAR!!! you can see the pictures in my reverbnation. I uploaded them as soon as I could. I am so happy a meteorite could hit the planet and I would welcome it by playing the guitar outside as loud as I could! But, when things couldn't get any better it did. The mailman showed up with all the PC games I ordered online. ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR ME TODAY!





    Back in the studio right now working on the first song of the album. Not doing them in order so no is not like I'm starting now lol. I just happened to pick that one. I would say the record is half way there. I have a lot of them done ready for soloing which is going to be happening on the 25th of this month when I get my custom made Carvin DC727 guitar. You'll see the pictures on reverbNation soon enough. That guitar is going to make everything much easier cause it has a fixed bridge. It takes less time tuning it and more time recording. I can't wait.





    I uploaded new pictures from the past and present into reverbnation. Just click pictures and It'll take you there. I'll have more including videos when I'm done with the new Album. Till next time.





    I re-uploaded all my music in .wav lossless format in order to give you all 100% CD quality. Enjoy it, oh and the best part about it is that it's for free!!! No need for donations or anything. Just help me spread my music all over the world.





    Today I have decided to give away my music for free. Specially my first and second album, m.A.d and Theory of Life. The rest will be somewhat free. You will be able to listen to them but if you want to download then you would have to pay a very small amount. Some records might even be setup in a way that you can donate what you think is fair.





    Just letting every1 know that today my beautiful daughter was born. I am the happiest dad alive. Soon I'll be coming back to recording in the studio like crazy. But, I was helping my wife go thru the pregnancy and to be honest I didn't have the interest what's or ever to do music. Anyway, I do music for fun and to sale it if anyone wants it. I'll let you all know when I'm back in the studio.