m.A.d Production Thoughts


m.A.d was written back when I was 16 years old. Back when soloing was hated by everyone and metal was not the most popular kind of music. In fact this record was written around the time when MTV declared war on metal and tried it's best to burry it. But, I knew back then I wanted to play metal, a new kind of metal, industrial. Not the kind of industrial people were use to though. But, something that has never been done before and I think still hasn't. I wanted to make progressive industrial music. I knew of progressive metal before this and always found it odd that in industrial music no one is know for playing their instruments at the level of professionals like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Satriani, Vai, Petrucci or Malmsteen. So I wanted that for Industrial and that's what I did. Though, believe me I held back my technique so much in m.A.d I laugh about it now. I laugh cause now soloing is loved by everyone and things are very different. But, not back then. I was so afraid people would hate what I was doing so much that I developed an ability to be able to compose advance technical pieces without sounding like a shredder and still up to this day that's one of the things people know me for. Only give the music what it needs and so I did and always will.



Meaning of The Name of The Album

I named this record Mutual Assured Destruction, because the record was done in a period in my life where I struggled between the classical world and electric guitar world. A lot of people don't really know how different they are both. Not only that but, their techniques are very different from each other. I had to learn my electric guitar in secrecy of my classical guitar teacher cause I didn't want to bother him with that. I know he would not like it. So that situation always reminded me of the Cuban missile crisis. Two power sides that did not get a long at all. Same as the styles I am talking about. The more I thought about it the more it felt right. I have both of this worlds in that record. Felt like a mutual assured destruction of both styles colliding together in one album. Also I liked the idea that I was Cuban too. lol Cuban missile crisis? ...get it? ...it all felt right.



Equipments Used


Roland VS1680 Expanded Workstation

Modded Jackson PS4, Modded Dean DS92, Carvin DC727 Electric Guitars & Vantage Classical Guitars

Zoom 3030 Guitar Processor

Zoom 234 Rhythm Machine

Yamaha YPG225

Sure Mic SM57

Dunlop Original CryBaby

Monster Cables

AKG K240 Headsets

Technique amp and Monitor Speakers

Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (10-46)

D'addario Classiccal Guitar strings (Extra Hard Tension)

Dunlop Jazz III Picks





1. Crying For Freedom

2. Metal Strength

3. Dying

4. Technaryth

5. Prelude

6. Death Metal

7. Thrash It Down

8. Just One Fix

9. Love At First Sight

10. Lagrima

11. Rhythmically Insane

12. Paradise Lost

13. Political Statement

14. Influences

15. Pavan 6

16. Funk You!!!

17. Cuba

18. Etude 6

19. The Evil Inside Me


Arsenio Oro. Feb 1st, 2003.