Equipments I Use


My Rig

Guitars: Carvin DC727 & NS1

Preamp Processor: Digitech GSP1101

Effects Processor: TC Electronic G-Force

Power Amp: Carvin HD1000

Power Conditioner: Carvin AC120S

Cabinet Speakers: Classic Carvin Closed Back

Midi Controller: FC-200 & Mission Engineering Expression pedal

Guitar Synthesizer: GR-55



WorkStations & Softwares: Roland VS-1680 & Sonar

Audio Interface: Roland Octa Capture

Synthesizer & Midi Controller: Integra 7 & A-800 Pro

Power Amp: Carvin DCM200L

Vocal Processor: Digitech Vocalist Live Pro

Guitar Processors: Boss GT100, Digitech GSP 1101, TC Electronic G-Force & Axe FX III

Amplifiers: Peavey Special 112, Orange Crush Pro 120 & Roland JC-120

Microphones: Carvin CTM100 (for vocals), Carvin M67 (for instruments)


Video and Picture Cameras I use

Camcorders: GoPro Heroe Pro 4 Black, Panasonic Lumix GH5

Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas 15


I do not promote any of this companies, nor I get this instruments for free. This are all instruments I like, paid for and prefer to use for my art.