Deceptive Illusions is going to be my come back to progressive industrial music how I actually wanted to make it in m.A.d and was not able do to my limited budget. Industrial is not like metal where you can get away with drums, bass, guitars, vocals and a little bit of production knowledge. In Industrial music you have to be very gifted in the field of programming, production and engineering. Also you have to be able to write music that's considered abstract and unconventional. To be honest I don't think it's going to be easy for me to do this right after oldschool. Been playing metal for far too long. I will need to get into the right mindset. But, I am more than happy to go back to it. In this one I will be pushing my musical boundaries. Forget about traditional sounding guitars with traditional tone. I am planning to do a lot of work with Roland guitar synthesizers and finally moving into the world of Sonar where I wont have any limitations.