Arsenio Oro is a native Cuban, Spaniard descendent, born in Isla De La Juventud, Gerona to a very religious Jehovah witness family. Growing up in Cuba was actually one of his best and worst times of his life. His family spent years trying to leave the country do to political persecution. In this struggle he fell in love with art. Tried many times to attempt art school and was never accepted because of his family's believes. Though, his love for art did not die there. He pursue art and eventually found a way to be a member of the house of culture in Gerona. They mostly danced and performed choreographic sequences in public in various cities around the isle. That not only made him popular among teenagers but, gave him the training to stand in front of a audience at an early age. People use to know him everywhere he went. Everything was going well until the Cuban government caught up with him and his family. They started harassing and persecuting them. Finally one day they got a letter from the U.S embassy bringing good news. They were selected for a hearing. They kept this a secret and went to Habana without anyone knowing, not even close friends. Finally they found out they were a "go" for coming to the U.S.

    Later on, after settling for a few weeks in the U.S he was appointed to go to high school at Miami senior high. There he made friends and was exposed to the metal world. That drove him to pursue the idea of becoming a guitar player. One that was able to play both classical and electric guitar. He was always determent about this goal. So, everything he would learn in school he would later on apply it to the practice of his electric guitar and perfected his technique. That's when he started composing his first album, m.A.d. But, it was in college where he learned a higher level of music theory, audio engineering and live performance. Didn't take long for him to go out on his own to record and perform for a living. Has been doing it ever since despite the crash of the music industry and how tough it is to make it in the business today do to the internet piracy. Thanks to he's persistence and knowledge about music it was easy for him to do everything on his own. You can say that he is a one man band and production team. "Some say that making it in the music business is the moment you start playing live around the world. To me, making it is the moment you achieved your dreams of becoming the person you wanted to be, in my case a guitarist, and being able to make, sale and have total control of my art while I live a happy, full life with my family is a plus added to that dream". - Arsenio Oro


Bio might change as time passes...


written by: Zasha S. Aksakov