At the very beginning I knew I wanted m.A.d to be an industrial, yet progressive record. No one at the time was doing it so it felt right. To be honest I still haven't seen a band playing that style. At least not that I know of. I also wanted to do different styles of pieces like, classical, funk, pop and metal. But, mostly I wanted this record to be only instrumental. I spent some time looking for a very unusual guitar sound, with an edge to it. Bought a rhythm machine and started programming and composing it all. But, before I started recording I did try to find some musicians. I actually got tired of looking around. There was no one able to play what I wanted. Take in consideration that this was around a time when there was no YouTube or any info to go around other than your library or teachers in school. People didn't have much information to learn from. The quality of musicians were not as great as today's. Anyway, after looking for so long I started to realize that in order to stay true to what I wanted and not compromise at all I had to get it all done on my own. So I started working alone. Took a long time to get it done since I was going to college full time and also working. But, I managed to finish it on 2003.




I named this record Mutual Assured Destruction, because the record was done in a period in my life where I struggled between the classical world and electric guitar world. A lot of people don't really know how different they are both. Not only that but, their techniques are very different from each other. I had to learn my electric guitar in secrecy of my classical guitar teacher cause I didn't want to bother him with that. I know he would not like it. So that situation always reminded me of the Cuban missile crisis. Two power sides that did not get a long at all. Same as the styles I am talking about. The more I thought about it the more it felt right. I have both of this worlds in that record. Felt like a mutual assured destruction of both styles colliding together in one album. Also I liked the idea that I was Cuban too. lol Cuban missile crisis? ...get it? ...it all felt right.








DYING Composed on 1996


CRYING FOR FREEDOM Composed on 1998 (Inspired by the movie Virus)


THRASH IT DOWN Composed on 1998


DEATH METAL Composed on 1995


INFLUENCES Composed on 1998 (Personal Experience)
Some people give a minute of silence when someone dies, out of respect. In this case, I wanted to give respect to those who came before me and influenced me, by playing their music for one minute. (OVERKILL, MEGADETH, SLAYER, PANTERA, ANTHRAX, METALLICA & SEPULTURA). This piece shows a little bit of everyone of those bands in my playing. It was a really good experience recording this one.


PARADISE LOST Composed on 1999 (A Book I Read)
This was the first religious book I read in my life. I remember how it impacted me the first time I read it. Some people say it was all fiction, some say it was true. To me it is a fictional story we should learn from. On the piece I tried to get every event the story has. The best thing to do is to learn about the story and then listen to the piece. Youíll understand everything after. But, if you just want the meaning for the piece, this is it. The piece is formed by 11 phrases and each means a different thing. First, the creation of life, 2nd Adam in the garden of Eden, 3rd Eva was created, 4th spending time together, 5th godís commanding to name the animals ext, 6th curiosity about the fruit, 7th the snake, 8th eating of the fruit, 9th when god found out, 10th when god threw them away from the garden of Eden, 11th the present, Paradise Lost.


TECHNARYTH Composed on 1999 (Personal Experience)
TECHNARYTH is a word I created. It represents technology and rhythm but without the h between the r & y. Itís a piece very much influenced by my machines in my studio. Although, I was composing every note, but my composition changes if Iím using a machine as a starting point instead of a guitar.



FUNK YOU!!! Composed on 1999

CUBA Composed on 1999



METAL STRENGTH Composed on 1999


PAVAN #6 Drums Composed on 1999

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Composed on 2000


POLITICAL STATEMENT Composed on 2000 (Personal Experience)
I wanted to demonstrate politics with sound. That is why the song has so many changes. It represents how inconsistent politics are.


RHYTHMICALLY INSANE Composed on 2002 (Personal Experience)
Since the age of 16 I was influenced by Dream Theater with their weird intricate rhythms. Iíve been listening to their music for so long that it felt right to do something like this. I started composing it on my rhythm machine and took it from there.


ETUDE #6 Electric Guitars Composed on 2000


THE EVIL INSIDE ME Composed on 1999 (Personal Experience)
Religion to me is a world of oppression. An old government that never worked. Although, it taught me a lot to be a Jehovah's witness. But, there are something's in every religion that sounds a little bit too much. My parents almost had to drag me to those religious reunions. I felt I was wasting my time. That created a lot of frustration and hate towards religion in general. It took me and my parents a long time to grow out of it. They just wanted the best for me and they did gave it to me. I just didnít want my family to be lied to by some fanatics. I think this world would be a much better place without religion. Religion divides people. It creates conflicts.

Thank you for taking an interest in my art. I hope youíve had fun reading the meanings of the pieces.


Arsenio Oro. Feb 1st, 2003.